Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I found the webpage that Carsten, who interpreted the documents that I sent him from Old German to English. He made this website and I had saved it to my harddrive when the webpage was going to be taken down. I am including the first paragraph as Carsten had written it down in it's entirety. I haven't learned to put the webpage back as Carsten had it when it was online. Carsten has since gone on to heaven and can not continue the project that he had predicted that this would become. I'm trying to put back as much of the information from those interpreted documents back in this Haas and Grimm blog. It will be difficult to follow, as I do not know how to write html and make the links back to the original as Carsten had made them. Thank you, Carsten, for the work that you did for me. Carolyn

The Mrs. C. F. - related german Family Branches Haas and Grimm
living at Neckarelz, Baden*, Germany in 19th century
all known facts collected and shown on one single webpage

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*Baden is today a part of Baden - W├╝rttemberg

The view is directed to 18th century, so the stories about Johann Ludwig Haas as a citizen of the United States Of America and about his immigration are not touched.

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see also "At Least" from Nov 2003

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Derrick Mayer said...

Very Nice Carolyn! I am doing Shady/Hall family tree. Shady's are connected to Grimm family as they are great grandpa's of mine dating back to Jerg Grimm b) 1565, as far back as I have gotten all from Baden Wurtemburg. Thanks!